With our background in award-winning cars and attention to detail, we are confident we can handle your restoration or modification needs.


          We can offer you help with one aspect of your restoration or guide you through the whole process.  Take a moment and follow us through a typical restoration.

  • Introduction:  Make an appointment with us to sit down and go over the different aspects of your project.  This allows you to view our facility and see if we are the right fit for you.
  • Delivery:  Whether you haul, hire a hauler, or have us haul; this step gets your project to us for its transformation.
  • Documentation:  This is our chance to inspect and photograph the project to help give both parties a better understanding of what is required.  Missing parts and damages are noted here to help make the rest of the process smoother.  Documentation is continued throughout entire project.
  • Disassembly:  The project is stripped down and "bagged-n-tagged". 
  • Repair/Fabrication:  Parts are repaired to factory condition.  Those that are missing or beyond repair will be replaced or fabricated.
  • Fit/Finish:  Panels and parts are assembled to ensure proper fit before receiving their proper finishes.  This includes any plating, powdercoating, or painting.
  • Assembly:  With all the pieces in factory fresh condition, the whole vehicle is reassembled. 
  • Test/Tune:  Before your vehicle leaves our facility, everything is tested and adjusted for proper function to ensure absolute quality.

Hot Rods:

          We follow the same process as our restoration service, but build the car to your specifications.   This includes street rods and rat rods.

Custom Engine Building:

          Need an engine built for your project?  We can do one-off exotic motors or stock rebuilds.

Metal Fabrication:

          We can design and fabricate panels, brackets, shafts, or anything else made of metal.  We can also repair damaged original items that are irreplaceable. 

Component Recondition/Upgrade:

          We can repair and rebuild all systems of classic and modified autos. 

  • Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • Carburetors
  • Fuel pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Brake systems
  • Electrical system

Powder Coating:

          Our facility is currently able to do any part that will fit in a 4'x4'x6' oven.  This allows us to do full differentials, engine blocks/heads, suspension parts, motorcycle frames, wheels, and other oversized pieces.